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Barton Terry[1, 2]

Male Est 1744 - 1784  (~ 40 years)

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  • Name Barton Terry 
    Born Est 1744  Pittsylvania County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 1784  Pittsylvania County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID I14566  My Reynolds Line | Descendants of James Terry
    Last Modified 16 Oct 2017 

    Father Henry H. Terry,   b. 1715, Louisa Co., Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 19 Apr 1784, Pittsylvania County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 69 years) 
    Mother Margaret Catherine Bibb,   b. 1739, Louisa Co., Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Est 1764, Pittsylvania County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 25 years) 
    Family ID F4090  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Mrs. Barton, Susannah Terry,   b. Abt 1740, Pittsylvania County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown 
     1. Barton Terry, Jr.,   b. 1780, Pittsylvania County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1822, Pittsylvania County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 42 years)
     2. Moses Terry,   b. Est 1787, Lunenburg County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown, Pittsylvania County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location
    +3. David C. Terry,   b. 1777, Pittsylvania County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 21 Nov 1865, Pittsylvania County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 88 years)
    Last Modified 21 Oct 2016 
    Family ID F5012  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Notes 
    • State of Virginia
      Pittsylvania County, To-wit:
      I, E. E. Friend, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, the same being a Court of Record, do hereby certify that Mrs. S. H. F. Jones whose name is signed to the foregoing writing bearing date 8th day of November 1939, personally appeared before me in my county, Office and State aforesaid and made oath that the foregoing statements are true to the best of her knowledge and belief. Given under my hand this 8th Nov. 1939.
      E. E. Friend
      Clerk Pittsylvania Circuit Court
      Chatham, VA

      List of George Carter
      Beverly Barksdale
      William Bennett
      Jno. Campbell
      Abrm. Chaney
      Jacob Chaney
      Joseph Chaney
      Zekial Chaney
      Chas. Chelton [Shelton]
      Mark Chelton [Shelton]
      Thos. Chelton [Shelton]
      Jno. Chilton
      William Chilton
      Matthew Cox
      Thomas Crain
      James Craine
      Thomas Creal
      Jno. Creel
      Jeremiah Deadman
      Elisha Dodson
      Geo. Dodson
      Lazarus Dodson
      Rolly Dodson
      Thos. Dodson
      John Fitzgerald
      Daniel Gardner
      Heath Gardner
      Nath. Gardner
      Sylvany Gardner
      James Haggard
      Henry Harding
      Martin Harding
      Geo. Hardy, Jun.
      Joshua Hardy
      William Hardy
      Micajah Harley
      John H. Hedrick
      William Ingram
      Jeffry Johnson
      Chs. Kennon
      Elisha King
      Francs. Kirby
      Henry Kirby
      Henry Kirby, Sr.
      John Kirby, Jun.
      William Kirby
      Jno. Walter Kupper
      James Lawless
      Chs. Lewis
      Jno. Lewis
      Thos. Lomox
      Matthias McBee
      Chas. McLaughton
      James McLees
      John Madden, Jun.
      Joshua Owens
      Rolly Owens
      Jno. Paul
      Thomas Peyne
      John Prestridge
      Jno. Prestridge, Jr.
      William Price
      William Ryburn
      Joshua Shirlock
      Samuel Slate
      Ben. Stratton
      Thos. Stratton
      Jno. Talleaferro
      William Taylor
      Barton Terry
      Ben Terry
      Charles Terry
      David Terry
      Harry Terry
      Henry Terry
      Jno. Terry
      Joseph Terry
      Joseph Terry, Jun.
      Thos. Terry
      Jno. Waller
      Richd. Watson
      John Winters
      Elias Wodson
      Jno. Wright
      Malachiah (unknown)

      Persons Refusing to take Oath
      Abrm. Campbell
      Saml. Kirby
      Uriah Pruitt
      William Russell

      Thomas Dillard, List
      Chas. L. Adams
      Henry Barton
      William Bingham
      John Bowmer
      Henry Brown
      James Brown
      Robert Bruce
      William Cash
      William Chick
      James Childress
      Major Childress
      Matthew Childress
      Isaac Clement
      Stephen Clements
      Joseph Collon
      William Collon
      John Dillard
      James Doss
      James Doss
      John East, Sen.
      Joseph East
      Thos. East
      Samuel Eblin
      Richard Ellis
      Edward Evens
      George Evens
      George Evens, Jr.
      Moses Faris
      William Fealder
      Nathl. Handrake
      Thomas Hardie
      Tho. Harris
      Jacob Holland
      Sec. Hook
      David Hunt
      Thomas Kersey
      Harmon King John Luck
      Moses McDaniel
      James Markin
      Henry Mullins
      Jacob Nichols
      John Owen
      Thorpe Parrott
      Jessey Pattey
      Green Wood Payne
      John Pemberton
      William Pemberton
      Joseph Slater
      Christopher Sutton
      Issac Tynes
      James Vaughan
      John Vaughan
      Thomas Vaughan
      William Vaughan
      George West
      John West
      Joseph West
      Joseph West, Jr.
      Owen West
      George Wilcox, Jr.
      George Wilcox, Sen.

      Stephen Coleman's List
      Richard Bayn
      Charles Beasley
      Henry Blanks
      John Boise
      Joseph Boise
      Josiah Boise
      Ben. Brawner
      Samuel Brooks
      John Brown
      Nathan Brown
      Richard Brown, Sen.
      James Cardwell
      William Childress
      Richard Chumney
      William Connelly
      William Donaldson
      Moses Estes
      John Farguson
      Joseph Farguson
      Isham Farmer
      James Farmer
      James Farmer, Jun.
      David Gwyn
      Thos. Gwyn
      Ambrose Haley
      John Hammond
      David Henry
      Hugh Henry
      Isaac Henry
      Thos. Hutchings
      David James
      Edward Jones
      Thomas Jones
      John Justice
      Joseph Leak
      Thos. Leak
      John Martin
      Jacob Meadows
      George Murphy
      James Murphy, Jun.
      James Murphy, Sr.
      John Owen
      Thos. Pass
      Reuben Payne
      William Porter
      William Ragsdale
      William Right
      William Russell
      John Shackleford
      Cornelius Short
      James Singleton
      Thos. Sparks
      Abrm. Spencer
      John Stewart
      John Stone
      Saml. Stone
      Stephen Terry
      William Terry
      David Walker
      Jno. Watkins
      David Watt
      George West
      Rawley White
      Beverly Willard
      John Williams
      Joseph T. Williams
      William Williams
      John Willis
      William Willis
      John Yates
      Richard Yates

      Capt. Hankin's List
      Joseph Akins
      William Akins
      Abraham Aron
      Henry Atkins
      Henry Atkins
      Richard Atkins
      William Atkins
      John Ball
      Joseph Ballinger
      Caleb Brewer
      Frances Bucknall
      John Bunkley
      Jacob Cleveland
      Thomas Clift
      William Coggin
      John Cook
      William Cook
      David Dalton
      James Dalton, Sen.
      William Day
      Leonard Delosher
      James Devine
      John Devine
      William Devine
      Robert Duncan
      James Durrey
      George Dyer
      Arthur Fuller
      Brit. Fuller
      Zachariah Fuller
      William Goodman
      James Gravely, Junr.
      Watson Henry
      Edmund Hodges
      Jesse Hodges
      Thomas Hodges
      Luther Hopper
      Robert Hopper
      Harrison Hubbard
      Caleb Hundley
      John Jackson
      Samuel Johnson
      William Johnson
      Alexander Lackey
      James Lynch
      William McGeehee
      David McKinney
      Stephen McMillan
      Mathew Martin
      William Mathews
      William Mayes
      James Mitchell
      William Morgan
      John Mullins
      William Mullins
      William Neally
      William Oliver
      John Pearson
      William Pigg
      Richard Prewitt
      Hugh Reynolds
      Joseph Reynolds
      John Roberts
      William Roberts
      Benjamin Sexton
      George Smith
      Joseph Standley
      John Warren
      John White

      Lankford's List
      John Ballinger
      John Barrett, Jr.
      John Bay, Jr.
      William Betterton
      John Brewer
      James Buckley
      John Buckley
      Francis Chumley
      John Cleaver
      Stephen Collins
      Soloman Cross
      John Dickerson
      William Doss
      Abraham Downey
      Peter Downey
      Elisha Dyer
      Charles Farris, Jr.
      James Farris, Jr.
      Joseph Farris, Jr.
      Joseph Farris, Sen.
      Thomas Farris, Sen.
      Robert Ferguson
      James George
      John George
      John George
      Collins Hampton
      Thomas Hampton
      John Harness
      James Harris, Sen.
      William Harskins
      James Henderson, Sen.
      Thomas Henderson
      Benjamin Hedrick
      John Keezee
      Geo. Landsdown
      Joseph Lankford
      Franc. Luck
      James Maybee
      Henry Mitchell
      Joseph Moody
      Daniel Morgan
      George Morgan
      Francis Short
      Joel Short
      William Sizzer
      John Stone
      Joshua Stone
      Rich. Todd
      Willm. Todd
      Meshack Turner
      Shadrick Turner
      Abner Vance
      Matthew Vance
      Thos. Vaughan, Jr.
      Thos. Vaughan, Sr.
      Willm. Vaughan
      John Whelock
      R. Williams
      L.C. Wilkin
      John Wyatt

      Jas. Morton's List
      Joseph Austin
      James Biggers
      William Bisnell
      James Bleakley
      John Bleadley
      Joshua Cantrell
      Edward Covington
      James Cox, Sen.
      John Cox, Sen.
      Benj. Crowley
      Richard Cullom
      Jesse Duncan
      James Fulton
      Archd. Gibson
      John Gibson
      Randolph Gibson
      Samuel W. Gouley
      James Granly
      William Hankins
      Thomas Harget
      Daniel Johnston
      Thomas Johnston
      John Jones
      James King
      Adam Lackey
      John Lackey
      Thomas Livingston
      Zachariah McCubbins
      James McGeehee
      Walter Matney
      George Mays
      Jehu Morton
      John Morton
      John Nelson
      Joshua Nelson
      William Oakes
      David Payne
      Edmd. Payne
      Mathew Pigg
      David Rawlings
      William Read
      Ignatius Redmond
      James Richey
      James Robertson
      John Robertson
      Wm. Robertson
      Matthew Sparks
      John Stocktone
      Robert Stocktone
      Adam Stultz
      David Watson
      James Whitesides
      James Young

      Robert Payne's List
      Jana. Abbott
      William Astin, Jun.
      Henry Baldwin
      Chas. Barnett
      Lewis Barton
      James Brown
      Sam. Bynum
      Jno. Cargill
      Thos. Charlton
      Jacob Chipman
      Jno. Chipman
      Wm. Cornelius
      Ben Craigg
      James W. Daniel
      James Dix
      John Dix
      Jno. Dix
      William Dix
      William Dix
      Thomas Dudley
      Lewis Garrett
      Richard Gibson
      Will Gillaspy
      Richard Gwynne
      Saml. Harris
      Jno. Haskins
      George Hudson
      George Humphries
      Jno. Jones
      William Kennon
      Benj. Lawless, Jr.
      Jno. Lawrence
      David Lay
      Geo. Lumpkins, Sen.
      Peter McCaul
      Jno. McMillion
      Hugh Mahoon
      Wm. Muncas
      Michl. Obarr
      Luke Pendergrass
      Thos. Perkins
      Thos. Pestal
      Benj. Ratcliff
      Jno. Ratcliff
      Wm. Richardson
      James H. Roberson
      David Rolls
      George Southerland
      William Stubblefield
      Parmenas Taylor
      Ben Theasher
      James Thornton
      Wm. Travis
      Geo. Twedell
      Jacob Whitworth
      Davd. Worsham
      Jno. Worsham
      Bazald Wyer
      Jno. Wyer
      William Wynn, Sen.
      John Wynne
      Robert Wynne
      John Yates, Jun.
      Geo. Yunt

      Reuben Pain's List
      Absolem Addams
      Allen Addams
      Cain Addams
      John Addams, Jun.
      John Addams, Sen.
      Nathan Addams
      Thomas Addams
      William Addams
      Zebulon Brynson
      Daniel Cofman
      Samuel Dilerd
      John Dupays
      Pryant Easley
      Josiah Fargeson
      Moses Freeman
      Thos. Gee
      Henry Hall
      John Hall
      John Hall
      Daniel Hankins
      Thomas Hardy
      Thomas Hardy, Sen.
      William Hardy
      Hugh Henry, Sr.
      Nathaniel Hughes
      Aaron Hutchings
      Charles Hutchings
      Charles Hutchings
      Christopher Hutchings
      Moses Hutchings
      Benjamin Lankford
      Francis Lamson
      Jonas Lawson
      Daniel Lovell
      Marcom Loval
      John McGhee
      John Martin
      John May
      John Mode
      William Moore
      John Nuckels
      Josiah Nuckles
      Edmund Pain
      Philemon Pain
      John Parsons
      Joseph Parsons
      Samuel Parsons
      George Perseye
      Hezekiah Pigg
      James Pigg
      Benjamin Porter
      Joseph Porter
      Joseph Pruett
      Bird Pruitt
      Levey Pruitt
      Daniel Ragsdale
      Frederick Ragsdale
      Joseph Richards
      Armstead Shelton
      John Short
      William Short
      Burel Vading
      Zachariah Waller
      William Waters
      Archebel Weatherford
      Harding Weatherford
      John Weatherford
      Joshua Welch
      John Wilson
      John Wimbush
      William Witcher

      Charles Kennon's List
      James Adams
      Baker Ayers
      Moses Ayers
      William Barker
      Thomas Beach
      Jno. Bennett
      Thomas Bennett
      Benj. Burgess
      Edward Burgess
      Zack Bowles
      George Carter
      Jno. Carter
      William Carter
      William Cauthern
      Tunis Cole
      Charles Collie
      William Collie
      Bartholomew Crowder
      James Daniel
      John Ditty
      David Dodson
      Fortunatus Dodson
      Geo. Dodson
      Greenham Dodson
      Hightower Dodson
      Jesse Dodson
      Rolly Dodson
      Tho. Dodson
      William Dodson
      William Durrett
      Patrick Early
      Joseph Echols
      Richard Echols
      George Eubanks
      Daniel Everett
      David Hall
      John Hall
      John Hall, Jr.
      Joseph Hall
      Joses (?Moses) Hanks
      Benj. Harrison
      Jonathan Hill
      Joseph Hill
      Thomas Hill
      Edward Howard

      Ezekial Howard
      Alexander Lee
      Charles Lewis
      Howell Lewis
      John Lewis (Byrd)
      Robert Lewis
      William Lewis
      Ratherick McDaniel
      John Madden
      Robert Madden
      Thomas Madden
      William Maddon
      Smallwood Coghill Marlin
      Peter Martin
      James Menasco
      James Sml.wood Owen
      John Owen
      Uriah Owen
      William Owen
      William Owen, Jr.
      Michael Ozbrooks
      John Payne
      John Payne
      John Payne
      Poyndexter Payne
      Robert Payne
      William Petty
      Zack.h Pruitt
      Phillip Pruitt
      Samuel Pruitt
      James Roberts
      Buckner Russell
      Jeremiah Simpson
      John Stamps
      Isham Tatum
      William Thomas
      William Twedel
      Elijah Walters
      John Walters
      Robert Walters
      Robert Walters, Jun.
      Thomas Walters
      Thomas Walters, Jr.
      William Walters
      James Watson
      John Watson
      Jonathan Weldon
      Peyton Wood
      Thomas Wynne

      Capt. Jas. Roberts' List
      Martin Bailey
      Wm. Bailey
      Lemuel Black
      Thomas Black
      Samuel Bolling Robert Bolton
      Thomas Brandon
      James Brewer
      James Brewer
      Thomas Bucknall
      William Burdeth
      Samuel Calland
      Charles Calloway
      John Campbell
      Stephen Center
      John Cock
      Benjamin Cook
      James Dillard
      Benjamin Duncan
      Samuel Duncan
      John Durham
      Joseph Dyer
      John Ellis
      Peter Finney
      William Fitzgerald
      Michael Gilbert
      Benjamin Hammmond
      William Hammond
      John Hanna
      William Heard
      Noble Johnson
      John Kirby
      Nathaniel Kirby
      Adam Lackey
      Thomas Lackey
      William Lackey
      Saml. Langbee
      Thomas Lawrence
      Benjamin Leprad
      Littleberry Mallock
      John Melton
      William Peak
      William Pigg
      David Ray
      Payton Smith
      Robert Smith
      William Still
      James Stockley
      Jeremiah Stone
      George Taylor
      Ludwick Tuggle
      William Turner
      John Walker William Webb

      James Lander

      Abraham Shelton's List
      Absolem Bransom
      William Bucknal
      John Caffey
      Seth Caldwell
      Stephen Coleman
      Alex Donelson
      John Donelson, Esq.
      John Donelson, Jun.
      Charles Dowel
      William Easley
      Joseph Farris
      John Farthing
      Richard Farthing
      Tandy Farthing
      Edmund Fitzgerald
      Harris Gammon
      Jonathan Griffeth
      William Griffith
      William Griffith, Jr.
      Holmes Gwinn
      John Gwinn
      Daniel Hankins, Esq.
      John Henry
      Henry Hix
      George Holland
      James M. Hugh
      John Jones
      William Jones
      John Kirby
      William Lewis
      Joseph Maples
      Samuel Martin
      James Metcalf
      John Metcalf
      Joseph Metcalf
      Joseph Morton, Esq.
      John Norton
      Bryan Oneal
      William Pace
      Joseph Parsons
      Richard Parsons
      William Parsons
      Reuben Payne, Esq.
      Richd. Pilson
      William Purnell
      John Rigney
      Jesse Robinson
      Jesse Rowland
      Nath. Rowland
      Symon Rowland
      Crispin Shelton, Esq.
      Daniel Shelton
      John Shelton
      Phil. Southerland
      Jas. Semore Swinney
      John Swinney
      James Taylor
      Joseph Terry
      William Thomas
      Jeremiah Warsham
      John Watson
      John Watson, Jr.
      Thomas Watson
      William Watson
      Nattey Wheat
      William Widby
      Major Willis
      Stephen Yates

      Chas. Rigney, Jun.
      Chas. Rigney, Sen.
      Jonathan Rigney

      Crispin Shelton's List
      David Barber
      John Barber
      John Barrott
      Richard Barrott
      James Bruce
      Uriah Cammeron
      Abednego Castiel
      Thomas Davis
      John Doss
      John East
      Elisha Farris
      Thomas Farris, Jun.
      Robert Foster
      Thomas Gazaway
      John Greggory
      Benjamin Gudger
      James Heneerson, Junr.
      Joshua Hudson
      Paul Hudson
      David Irby
      Francis Irby
      James Irby
      Peter Irby
      Jesse Keezee
      Richard Keezee
      Moreman Lawson
      Charles Lewis, Jun.
      Charles, Sen. (Sic)
      Abraham Motley
      Avery Mustain
      Jesse Mustain
      Thomas Mustain
      Leonard Pace
      Lewis Parrott
      Abraham Payne
      John Payne
      Josiah Payne
      Leonard Payne
      Thomas Payne
      William Payne
      Joseph Roberts
      George Russ
      Thomas Shields
      Abraham Shelton
      Beverly Shelton
      Crispin Shelton, Jun.
      Gabriel Shelton
      Vincent Shelton
      William Shelton
      Young Shelton
      Edmund Taylor

      William Short's List
      Samuel Askey
      Peter James Bailey
      Thos. Burgess
      John Cartin
      Daniel Davis
      John Gee
      Henry Hardin
      Mark Hardin
      Martin Hardin
      Wm. Hartin
      Daniel Lynch
      (unknown) Perdew
      Isaac Sartin
      Page Sartin
      Sillvanus Stokes
      Geo. Strother
      Gabl. Tutt

      William Ward's List
      Joshua Abston
      William Baker
      Reuben Bennett
      William Bennett
      John Bobbitt
      John Bosswell
      Jeremiah Burnett
      John Byrd
      Charles Calloway
      Benjamin Clements
      Benjamin Clements
      James Clements
      Thomas Colley
      Shadrick Collier
      John Collin
      James Dalton
      John Dalton
      Joseph Dalton
      Randolph Dalton
      John Ellis
      William Ellis
      David Evens
      Benjamin Foster
      John Goard
      Thomas Goard
      William Goard
      Richard Halloway
      John Hargess
      John Holland
      Thomas Holland
      George Keysee
      John Lawson
      Benjamin McDowell
      William McDowell
      Michael Mullings
      Benjamin Mullins
      Thomas Music
      John Neal
      Little B. Patterson
      David Perry
      Elisha Pruitt
      Field Robertson
      John Robertson
      Thomas Robertson
      Joseph Smith
      Ralph Smith
      William Smith
      William Spragins
      Nathan Thurman
      Charles Walden

      John Wilson's List
      George Adams
      Richard Anders
      John Anglin
      John Asher
      John Ashworth, Jr.
      Bob Baker
      Thos. Billing
      John Booth
      George Brittian
      Thomas Brown
      James Brumfield
      Charles Burton
      James Burton
      John Anderson Burton
      Wm. Burton
      Sterling Cats
      Joseph Cook
      John Davis
      Thos. Cooper Dickerson
      Larkin Dix
      Thos. Drake
      Charles Duncan
      John Duncan
      James Elliott
      Benj. Fallow
      Edmund Fallow
      Thos. Fletcher
      Julas Gibson
      James Gossett
      James Gossett, Sr.
      Shadrick Gossett
      Thos. Gossett
      James Gowing
      Geo. H. Gwin
      John Gwin
      Edmund Hammons
      David Harris
      Gosdale Hollis
      Joseph Irwin
      Wm. Irwin
      Charles Lacy
      David Lacy, Jr.
      Geo. Lacy
      John Lacy
      Richard Lacy
      John Fuller Lane
      James Lawles
      Edward Legg
      Charles Longmir
      John McClain
      Daniel McDaniel
      (unknown) Mahaney
      John Marr
      Nathan Morefield
      Nehemiah Morton
      David Owen
      John Owen
      William Owen
      William Owen
      James Parrott
      Peter Perkins
      John Phillips
      John Prewett
      John Price
      Timothy Reagain
      William Ricketts
      Francis Ross
      John Ross
      Bazela Scott
      Simon Scott
      John Shelton
      William Shelton
      David Shockley
      Edward Smith
      Hezekiah Smith
      Mathew Sparks
      Thomas Sparks
      Levy Stockley
      John Stone, Jr.
      John Stone, Sr.
      Wm. Stublefield
      Geo. Sutherlin
      John Sutherlin
      Joseph Tomling
      Lewis Tucker
      Geo. Vincent
      Moses Vincent
      Thos. Vicent
      Elisha Walker
      Thomas Waroham (?Worsham)
      Thomas Watson
      Benj. White
      Thomas Wilkerson
      Charles Williams
      Thos. Williamson
      Peter Wilson
      William Wilson
      Thomas Wright

      William Witcher's List
      Jesse Atkenson
      Moses Atkenson
      Morris Atkinson
      Henry Atkinson
      John Barnard
      Bery Bennett
      James Bennett
      Richard Bennett
      Stephen Bennett
      Thomas Bennett
      Wm. Bennett, Sr.
      Randal Bobit
      Robert Bomer
      Jno. Clement
      Dan'l Collins
      David Dalton, Jr.
      John Dalton
      Robert Dalton
      Robert Dalton
      Samuel Dalton
      Soloman Dalton
      Thomas Dalton
      Timothy Dalton
      Wm. Dalton
      Jacob Dyer
      William Dyer
      Arthur Fearn
      Richard Fowler
      Jas. Garrison
      Abraham Goad
      Charles Goad
      Robert Goad
      Wm. Goad
      Richard Hammock
      James Harrison
      George Henderson
      John Henslie, Jr.
      Jno. Henslie, Sen.
      William Henson
      James Hill
      Nathan hill
      Jno. Hudson
      Jno. P. Hudson
      John Hunt, Sen.
      Jno. Jennings
      James Johnston
      Henry Kirby
      William Lawson
      James Lidleton
      Wm. Lovell
      James Mitchell
      William Moore
      Patrick Morrison
      Brain W. Nowlin
      James Nowlin
      Charles Partin
      Jno. Partin
      Geo. Peak
      Jno. Peak
      Jonathan Phillips
      Tobias Phillips
      James Phipps
      David Polley
      Christain Pryant
      Thomas Ramsey, Sr.
      Thomas Ramsey, Jr.
      Abraham Razor
      Paul Razor, Sr.
      Paul Razor, Sr.
      Paul Razor, Jr.
      Robert Sevier
      Thos. Shockley
      Elias Smith
      Wm. Smith
      Benj. Tarrant
      William Thompson
      Simon Toshes
      Jas. Turley
      Jno. Turley
      Daniel Wade
      Edward Wade, Jr.
      Edward Wade, Sr.
      Peyton Wade
      Isaiah Waldrup
      Jno. Waldrup, Jr.
      Jno. Waldrup, Sr.
      Joseph Walker
      Sanders Ward
      David Willis
      Daniel Witcher
      Ephraim Witcher
      James Witcher
      John Witcher, Jr.
      John Witcher, Sen.
      Ruben Witcher
      William Wright

      Last name of next three unknown

  • Sources 
    1. [S48] Ancestry Link,
      Henry Terry (son of Champness Terry and Christiana Evans) was born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and died 1784 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia; Son of Henry is Barton Terry

    2. [S34] Robert 'Mike' Terry,
      Moses Terry, s/o Barton and Susannah ? Terry m. 14 Nov 1808 to Mary Nash